Paintings,   furniture,  and  writings.

​​​South London, 1980's, one stairwell, eight flats, one weekend! only $11 

Halloween Special !

My Four-Poster Bed still needs funding for materials, and I need funding so I can give up the day time job and do the work; at least two years of it.

​ ​​Nicola Frost


"Cum Shot"

5"x 5" print, mat size 8"x 8", $30 

"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm."

Winston Churchill

"The Things Done In the name of Love" and "Fallen"

8"x 8" prints, mat size 12"x 12"​, $50 each.

Buy both and get "Cum Shot" free plus free shipping.


Dogs Playing Poker  is it Art?