My friend Kevin wished to be portrayed as Bacchus, and, been in initiator of much debauchery, I found it quite apt.

Represented by Zero in the Tarot-The Fool; this card, as well as being the most powerful in the deck, has the numerical value of two in the Hermetic order, representing the both paradoxical poles of male energy: Bacchus Diphuses and Hoor-Pa-Kraat, the silent one; together they give birth to Credo-the Word, know as Christ in the Judo-Christian religions.

Being youthful he is foolish, and empty, therefore having limitless potential and, unaware of the big cat stalking him, he is fearless. It is no wonder such a god is given over to the vine and merry-making. Dressed in fox fur, he holds a staff of fennel and ivy, topped by the pine-cone of learning, it drips honey; it is the ultimate phallus.


Portrait of Kevin Heaney

24"x 30" oil on canvas


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